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Below are examples of how technology has been implemented into my classroom. We focus on collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and citizenship.


Breakout Edu - Time Warp

If you haven't heard of Breakout EDU then you should listen up! If you have heard but haven't tried it...YOU SHOULD! A Gem of an activity, Breakout EDU engages students to work as a team and utilize critical thinking skills to solve puzzles. Now these puzzles are centered around content that you are teaching. For example, Time Warp, which was a pre-designed game that I was fortunate enough to borrow and use, had students explore the earliest forms of communication before the Age of the Internet. Of course, this content was a perfect fit considering my students are enrolled in the Mass Communication Program at Burton Center for Arts & Technology and they are currently studying web design/development. You are probably asking yourself, "How does this employ technology?" Well, in my mind, technology isn't always about handheld digital components. Technology is the advancement of ideas using scientific knowledge. And of course, Breakout EDU activities create an environment where students are engaged in such critical thinking that it allows them to discover new ways to solve problems. Check out the planning guide and student reflection comments. 


Code arrange

It's like a jigsaw puzzle but better! This activity required students to work together three groups to arrange HTML/CSS code snippets in the correct order using paper puzzle pieces. This was intended to actually get them off of the computers and collaborating with each other. So, once students thought they had the puzzle pieces in order they input the code into a text edit document and then viewed in a browser to see if they had solved the puzzle. See Code Arrange requirements and setup.


Kahoot! - Create competitive quiz questions

If you don't Kahoot! to review class material you should! This is a quick and fun way to review and even introduce new material to your students. My students actually request doing a Kahoot! before tests/quizzes. There is a new feature inside of Kahoot! called Jumbled and it allows you to create drag and drop, and mix and match type questions. The video above shows 20 review questions I created in Kahoot! and how students interact with the Kahoot! to answer those questions. You can create a Kahoot! today at https://getkahoot.com/ and then the students use https://kahoot.it/#/ to enter and play! The next best thing about Kahoot! is that it allows you to download results (general and detailed) into an Excel spreadsheet! Perfect for documenting progress and what areas need improvement! Check out this General Overview Report from Kahoot! on one of my tests. 

Use microsoft forms to create tests

Another tool for generating surveys and tests and getting instant feedback is Microsoft Forms. Microsoft Forms has recently added a "Post Scores" feature so that once students have completed the test the teacher can post the scores and students can return back to the test at anytime to review items they missed. Of course, results can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet. Check out my Microsoft Forms test

host class projects on weebly

Do you struggle with fillinng up class time with meaningful lessons and assignments to complete during times of transition? Setup and create a website to host fun choice projects for students to complete. Over this as extra credit or assign certain projects or do a mixture of both. Since my class runs for 3.5 hours, sometimes it can be a strugle to retain student attention. I try to mix things up in the classroom between lecture, demos and hands-on activities but creating this separate website really helped to differentiate and provide more student ownership of projects. While this is a work in progress you can visit my site at, Design For Mass Comm

Use onenote online to organize lesson plans

This year I tried something new and started to use OneNote as my space for keeping my lesson plans up to date. It took some time to set up the notebook but once I got it going it was pretty easy and its accessible from anywhere. The best part is that I can share this link with administrators, parents and students in a read-only view so that they can keep up with what is going on in class. I can even share it with you! Check it out

Adobe Spark.jpg

adobe spark inspires the world

Spark is a free Adobe web based application where students can create posts, websites and videos to tell a story, spark an idea or support a cause. Check out what Adobe Spark has to offer at https://spark.adobe.com/ Students were given the choice of using the web based application in their choice projects hosted on Design For Mass Comm.