Rickman Studio

Star City Teardrops

Star City Teardrops is a new manufacturer of teardrop camping trailers located right here in the Star City of Roanoke, Va. This company offers custom aluminum trailer frames that make their product among the lightest and affordable on the market. These teardrop camping trailers are sure to please. Visit starcityteardrops.com and order yours today!

The goal:

1. Design the following pages: About, Models, Photo Gallery, Resources and Contact

2. Increase traffic to website

3. Enhance social media presence


1. Used GoDaddy's website builder to create additional pages

2. Increase presence on social media accounts such as Facebook and Pinterest. Increased "like's/follows" on Facebook by 57% since February.

3. Generated back links with other reputable websites. Have seen 46 new visits to websites from these back links since beginning of May.

4. Placed web banner ad with www.cooltears.com and a full page article in the magazine will appear for the month of June.

5. Set up Google AdWords which has generated 105 clicks and 3.8k views.

6. Track progress using Google Analytics